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Photo / Video Session

Cluj „Avram Iancu” International Airport always accepts requests for organizing photo and video sessions at the airport, requests received not only from the media but also from other persons or institutions.


Please fill out the following form at least 10 days before the date on which you want the photo/video session to take place. Photographing / filming will be paid, which will be determined according to the length and complexity photo or video session. You will receive all the details regarding the costs after you fill out the form below:


* Required field

* I agree to follow any security and safety regulations within the secure perimeter of Cluj-Napoca Airport and I will sign a statement in this respect before the photo/video session. Cluj-Napoca Airport reserves the right to refuse your request if the form is incomplete or for any other reasons of safety and airport security.

Cluj-Napoca Airport also reserves the right to sue people or companies that publish / use images or footage detrimental to the image of Cluj-Napoca Airport.

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