Mr. David Ciceo, General Director of Cluj-Napoca International Airport, was invited to lead the International Conference on Operational Readiness & Airport Transfer Summit(ORAT), which takes place in Singapore, from the 12th September to the 15th September.

The conference is dedicated to the analysis of the current airport management practices, focused on logistic and operational development issues to adapt to an increasing traffic, by expanding and reconfiguring of infrastructure. The aim is to identify patterns of good practices that can provide the basis for the comprehensive and strong methodologies in order to integrate the new infrastructure elements into the airports operational plans, so that, these can prove their effectiveness from the very first moment, contributing in this way to improve the experience of passengers.

Mr. David Ciceo was invited to chair the Singapore Conference, because of his experience, gained in the airport management as General Director of Cluj-Napoca International Airport and President of the Romanian Airports Association and also as a member of the IAP- CoP (International Airport Professional Community of Practice). Within the Conference, the director of Cluj Airport will hold a lecture entitled: Can an ORAT Consultant Be Helpful in Supporting Airport Development? Case Study: Cluj International Airport - Romania, in which it will present the manner how Cluj-Napoca International Airport has succeeded to manage spectacular increases in passenger and aircraft traffic in the last few years and it is expected that, in 5-10 years, to double its current traffic volume.