Today, November the 2nd, 2017, Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport organized a training exercise in order to check the applicability of the "Emergency Action Plan", in case of a civil aviation accident on the airport.

         The action plan was established in accordance with ICAO requirements - Doc. 9137 (Part 1 and Part 7) and HG-741 of 09 July 2008 /for the approval of the Regulation on the management of emergencies generated by the occurrence of a civil aviation accident on the airport.

        The exercise was carry on according to the following scenario: A X-AERO aircraft type A 320-200, being in the landing process took contact with the ground before the runway. Due to the breaking of the landing gear, the aircraft's fuselage and plans suffered damages and the aircraft broke into two pieces. It was seen smoke columns and there were signs of a fire outbreak. Aboard the airplane there were 70 passengers plus the crew consisted of 6 people. There were no dangerous materials in the aircraft, and the amount of fuel, at the time of landing, was 3 tons. Following this incident, there were 19 dead, 11 seriously injured/1st priority, 17 injured Priority II and 29 wounded Priority III, who did not need immediately medical attention.

         During the exercise, all institutions with attributions within the Emergency Action Plan were invited to participate, both on the airport and abroad.


·         Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport

·         Cluj County Prefecture

·         Cluj County Council

·         Inspectorate for emergencies Situations

·         ROMATSA

·         Center of Investigation and Analysis for Civil Aviation Security

·         Cluj County Police Inspectorate

·         Cluj County Gendarmerie Inspectorate

·         Cluj Special Telecommunications Service

·         Cluj Military Prosecutor's Office

·         The Cluj Court of Appeal Prosecutor's Office

·         Cluj County Ambulance Service

·         Cluj County Emergency Clinical Hospital

·         Public Health Directorate Cluj

·         The National Red Cross Society - Cluj Branch

·         The Special Aviation Unit - Cluj

·         The 71 Campia-Turzii Aviation Base

·         Cluj SMURD

·         Cluj Military Emergency Hospital

·         Cluj Institute of Forensic Medicine

·         Cluj College of Psychologists

·         Veterinary Sanitary Division

·         AT-AD structure on the airport

·         The Airport Border Police

·         The Air Transport Police

·         The Customs Office on the airport

·         Airlines and Handling companies on the airport

·         TAROM Airline

·         The MENZIES Handling Company

·         The AEROKRAFT Handling Company

·         The "Black Shield" Security Unit

·         Cluj «Gemina» the 4th Infantry Division


       The exercise was coordinated by the General Director of Cluj International Airport, Mr. David Ciceo and by the Deputy, Mr. Iuliu Pop. At the exercise were invited to attend also officials from the Ministry of Transport, from the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority, representatives of the City Hall, of the Religious Cults and of the national airports.

        The exercise was very important for the conduct of the airport activity and its purpose was:

  • To check the applicability of the "Emergency Action Plan on the airport"
  • To train the personnel involved in the intervention of a civil aviation accident on the airport
  • To coordinate actions between institutions, companies, services and people with responsibilities in order to solve the emergency situations
  • To familiarize the staff and services existent on the airport area and outside withtheir role within the action plan and to make correction of potential deficiencies.         

       We want to express our thanks to all our guests and participants for their support, involvement, dedication and efforts in order to accomplish the exercise.












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