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David Ciceo, General Manager at Cluj International Airport was invited as a speaker at the Smart Airports Conference

    Mr. David Ciceo, General Manager at Cluj "Avram Iancu" International Airport presented a case study of the Airport’s development at the Smart Airports Conference, which takes place in Munich, on October 7-10, 2019.

    Regional airports development by 2030 and beyond is one of the main themes of analysis for the industry of aviation. In Europe, there are over 140 airports with traffic of less than 5 million passengers, of which 79 with traffic between 1 million and 5 million passengers. Regional airports have undergone a sustained development in recent years, which has required a continuous review of their business model and an adaptation to the constraints regarding the capacity. They contributed to this trend, as well as the low-cost companies expansion, which blurred the niche markets and gradually expanded their flight networks and created important economic synergies between regional airports and major hub-type airports, in order to support traffic towards and from other important national and international destinations.

        Cluj International Airport’s development, from 32 thousand passengers in 1996 to almost 3 million in 2018, is an example of good practices for regional airports in Europe. Forecasts from 2005, when the airport had only 200 thousand passengers annually, based on which the necessary infrastructure was created to accommodate traffic of 3 million passengers, proved to be relevant, realistic and timely. The Airport's development plans to reach 7 million passengers in 2035 were appreciated by the specialists and managers present at the conference.





Public Relations Office, October 8, 2019