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Airport security discussed at Madrid on the occasion of the meeting of Airport Council International’s Steering Committee

David Ciceo, general director of Cluj-Napoca International Airport participated last week at the meeting of Airport Council International's Steering Committee in Madrid, as member of the Board of one of the most important organization in civil aviation specialised on airport issues and the most important dialogue partner of the European Union Commission in problems related to airports.

Within the meeting of Airport Council International's Steering Committee, strategic aspects related to airport security, involvement of the European Union institutions, state aid for airports, impact of the economic crises and of the turbulence in the euro area on the airports, as well as state of progress of major legislative initiatives have been discussed.

Concerning airport security, the results of the tests made on 14 European airports in the perspective of the implementation, starting from 29th of April 2013, of the European Commission Regulation which establishes that all liquids, gels, aerosols shall be scanned.

Baiscally, the appliance of the Commission's Regulation means the elimination of the prohibition to transport liquids in hand luggage. Taking into account the results of the tests, the position of Airport Council International related to the competent European authorities will be that cancellation of the restriction on liquids may become operational if based on a technological solution that ensure a high probability of detecting a wide range of liquid explosives and that, at the same time, has the capacity to improve passenger experience at airports, without hindering their processing.


The issue of airport security, as well as other problems related to civil aviation have also been subject to a separate meeting that the members of the Steering Committee have had with Mr. Radu Calin, president of ECAC (Eurpean Civil Aviation Conference) and with the members of ECAC Coordinating Committee.

In the view of supporting and increasing airport efficiency under the current difficult economic conditions that affect many of the states in the European Union and considering the existing security risks, the members of the Steering Committee have been invited to develop during the next period proposals for action to be taken on behalf of Airport Council International in relation to the European Commission, European Parliament and with national authorities.