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Cluj-Napoca International Airport wins a European Commission funded project

Cluj-Napoca International Airport, self-governing authority in the suborder of Cluj County Council, has received an official notice from the European Commission announcing that the request for funding the "Studies for development of intermodal passenger and freight transport infrastructure" project has been approved. The project has been submitted by Cluj airport for European funding within the frames of the TEN-T 2011 Annual Programme.

"The fact that Cluj-Napoca International Airport is the only airport in Romania which received the approval for a project of this kind is extremely gratifying, as it comes, once again, to confirm Cluj airport's actual expertise. Since it contributes to shaping and implementing a strategic and coordinated approach regarding airport extension and modernization, the project has a major impact not only for Cluj-Napoca International Airport's development, but also for Cluj county and for the entire region's development", stated Cluj County Council's President, Mr. Horea Uioreanu.

The project targets priority 1 of the TEN-T Program: promoting the development of an integrated multi-modal transport and is valued at 2 million euros. Funding is to be provided 50% of TEN-T grants and 50% of airport's own funds.

The studies included in this project aim at creating a complex infrastructure to connect the current passenger terminals with the services offered by the railway network for travelers, as well as at building a cargo transport link between the railway network and the future of the airport cargo terminal. The objectives of these studies are to assess the feasibility and sustainability of an intermodal transportation system destined for passengers, as well as for freight transport.