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The results of “Training in air transport: work safety and environmental protection when using modern technology” project presented within the meeting of Roumanian Airports Association Board of Directors

During 5th-6th of July 2012, Roumanian Airports Association (RAA) Board of Directors met at Cluj-Napoca to discuss a number of problems that the civil aviation in our country is facing with at present.

On this occasion, the members of RAA Board of Directors have presented some aspects of the national and European Community legislation that regulate airport operations activity, as well as problems related to cost-cutting measures to be applied to the airports, operational security programs and have initiated a series of proposals to amend and complete normative acts.

A special attention was paid to "Training in air transport: work safety and environmental protection when using modern technology" POSDRU/81/3.2/S/59569 project. This project has been launched 18 months ago and, within its frame, Romanian Airports Association together with its partener SIVECO Romania have provided 8 training programs. The programs include courses on areas related to airport specific activities: ecologist technician and environmental quality protection, cleaning agent for buildings and transport vehicles, monitoring systems and control devices operator, construction and public works technician, health and safety inspector, health and safety at work system manager, human resources analyst, handling operator.


Up to present, 332 trainees have graduated these training programs. Also, within the project, an online educational portal www.airportaar.ro/posdru.php has been launched and 5 multimedia innovative course supports have been elaborated.

The 20th edition of RAA General Assembly which will take place this year at Cluj-Napoca, in September has been another subject on the discussion agenda.