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Passengers are advised to check the rules /policy applied by the Air Carrier which they choose to travel with, regarding to the cabin baggage and the checked baggage. The Air Carrier can establish the passengers luggage rules, based on the paid fare, travel class, route, aircraft type, government regulations etc.

Passengers do not have to accept to carry in their own luggage, under any circumstances, objects or packages from other persons, regardless of the nature of the relationship with them. Also, they must avoid carrying their valuables in their checked baggage.

Passengers are not allowed to abandon their luggage / items or leave them unattended in the airport area.


Guide for an easier and quicker airport security check

Cabin baggage

You are entitled to one piece of cabin baggage, but it must be within the required weight and dimensions of each airline and the type of boarding pass cabin baggage is subject to security check and "EU security rules at airports".

Checked baggage

When your Checked-in Baggage is handed over for check-in, it gets in airlines companies custody and we shall issue an Identification Baggage Tag. We recommend you to specify on the Checked-in Baggage your name, address and a telephone number where you may be contacted.

Objects  that are not allowed in the baggage

Liquids, aerosols and gels' (LAGs) shall include pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures and the contents of pressurised containers, such as toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, soups, syrups, perfume, shaving foam and other items with similar consistencies.

Passengers are allowed to carry LAGs in individual containers with a capacity not greater than 100 millilitres or equivalent in one transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding 1 litre , whereby the contents of the plastic bag fit comfortably and the bag is completely closed.


Which liquids can I take on my flight as hand luggage?

For more information visit the links below:


Forbidden goods at the boarding:

Without prejudice to applicable safety rules, passengers are not permitted to carry the following articles into security restricted areas and on board of an aircraft:


(a) guns, firearms and other devices that discharge projectiles - devices capable, or appearing capable, of being used to cause
serious injury by discharging a projectile, including:

  • firearms of all types, such as pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns,
  • toy guns, replicas and imitation firearms capable of being mistaken for real weapons,
  • component parts of firearms, excluding telescopic sights,
  • compressed air and CO 2 guns, such as pistols, pellet guns, rifles and ball bearing guns,
  • signal flare pistols and starter pistols,
  • bows, cross bows and arrows,
  • harpoon guns and spear guns,
  • slingshots and catapults;


(b) stunning devices - devices designed specifically to stun or immobilise, including:

  • devices for shocking, such as stun guns, tasers and stun batons,
  • animal stunners and animal killers,
  • disabling and incapacitating chemicals, gases and sprays, such as mace, pepper sprays, capsicum sprays, tear gas, acid sprays and animal repellent sprays;


(c) objects with a sharp point or sharp edge - objects with a sharp point or sharp edge capable of being used to cause serious injury, including:

  • items designed for chopping, such as axes, hatchets and cleavers,
  • ice axes and ice picks,
  • razor blades,
  • box cutters,
  • knives with blades of more than 6 cm,
  • scissors with blades of more than 6 cm as measured from the fulcrum,
  • martial arts equipment with a sharp point or sharp edge,
  • swords and sabres;


(d) workmen's tools - tools capable of being used either to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of aircraft, including:

  • crowbars,
  • drills and drill bits, including cordless portable power drills,
  • tools with a blade or a shaft of more than 6 cm capable of use as a weapon, such as screwdrivers and chisels,
  • saws, including cordless portable power saws,
  • blowtorches,
  • bolt guns and nail guns;


(e) blunt instruments - objects capable of being used to cause serious injury when used to hit, including:

  • baseball and softball bats,
  • clubs and batons, such as billy clubs, blackjacks and night sticks,
  • martial arts equipment;


(f) explosives and incendiary substances and devices - explosives and incendiary substances and devices capable, or appearing capable, of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft, including:

  • ammunition,
  • blasting caps,
  • detonators and fuses,
  • replica or imitation explosive devices,
  • mines, grenades and other explosive military stores,
  • fireworks and other pyrotechnics,
  • smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges,
  • dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives.

* Prohibited items abandoned in the box specially arranged at the security checkpoint, can not be recovered.

Other forbidden goods:

Passengers are not permitted to carry the following articles in their hold baggage:

  • explosives and incendiary substances and devices - explosives and incendiary ubstances and devices capable of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft, including: ammunition, blasting caps, detonators and fuses, mines, grenades and other explosive military stores, fireworks and other pyrotechnics, smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges, - dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives.


Airline companies responsibilities on checked baggage

Checked baggage will be transported on the same aircraft as you. If this is not possible for reasons beyond our control, the airline you are traveling with must carry it to your destination stated on the electronic ticket within the shortest possible time.

Baggage weight

Each airline has its own policy on baggage weight and size accepted. For more information contact the airline you are flying with.

Excess baggage

Any difference in weight of checked baggage to the limit imposed by the airline is charged additionally, such fee being established by the airline.

Bicycles and other sporting items are accepted for carriage under the conditions specified by each airline company.


Collection and delivery of checked baggage

You must collect checked baggage when you reach your destination. If not taken within a reasonable time, it is taken into custody by the AIRLINE you traveled with that may charge you a storage fee. If not claimed and collected within one month from the date when it was brought to its destination, the airline may dispose of it in any way without any material liability towards you. Only the owner of checked baggage and identification tag is entitled to collect it.

Checked baggage gets in the custody of the airline and shall not be handed over but to its owner following the submission of identification tag or to any duly authorized person.

Lost baggage

If your baggage does not arrive at destination, you should contact the flight operators, thereby for the airlines that operate in Cluj „Avram Iancu” International Airportyou have the following contacts:


Tarom Agency Cluj-Napoca, 149-151, Traian Vuia Street, Cluj „Avram Iancu” International Airport 

Ticketing & reservations
Phone: +40 264 307 568
            +40 264 307 569
            +40 264 307 500- int. 271
E-mail: agcluj@tarom.ro


Lufthansa, Wizz Air, Lot Polish, Vuleing, Atlas Global, Turkish Airlines & Charter airlines:
Menzies Aviation (Romania)
Handling services for WizzAir and Lufthansa,
149-151, Traian Vuia Street, Cluj „Avram Iancu” International Airport
Ticketing & reservations
Phone: + 40 264 307 518
            + 40 751 093 654


For lost items you can contact the border police at the following contacts:


Border Police

149-151, Traian Vuia Street, Cluj „Avram Iancu” International Airport
Phone: + 40 264 307 500 int. 188

              + 40 264 307 530

Fax: + 40 264 416 763

E-mail: aero.cluj@mai.gov.ro


Live animals

Depending on the terms and conditions of airline, it is accepted to transport small type PETS in the cabin (pets weighing up to 6 kg), dogs or cats in special cages; the owner must keep them in his arms during the flight.

Medium sized livestock, dogs and cats in cages may be transported in the cargo compartment according to IATA standard, but no more than three on a flight. For further details please contact the airline you are traveling with.


Human remains

Human remains are not acceptable for carriage on passenger flights for any destination. The transport of urns is possible based on prior arrangement.