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As part of the national security system, the Romanian Intelligence Service is an autonomous administrative authority, specializing in information regarding Romania's national security.

The Romanian Intelligence Service organizes and executes activities of collection, verification and recovery of information about the activities / events that may constitute risks and threats to national security; its duties and powers are, among others, the defense of democracy and constitutional order, of the rights and freedoms of the citizens - guaranteed by the Constitution and the protection of their unhindered exercise.

R.I.S. tasks are also the knowledge and prevention activities aimed at initiating, organizing, carrying out or supporting in any way the extremist actions of communist, fascist, Iron Guard, racist, anti-Semitic or any other origin, and the incitement to acts that may endanger the rule of law. Furthermore, illegal informative activities undertaken by different unauthorized individuals are carefully monitored by using specific means of communications interception, determinative in terms of national security, with special attention paid to the nature of the data and information collected, their use and the fundamental rights of the citizens that are violated by such acts.


In order to prevent/ thwart such actions and to protect people in airport public areas, the Antiterrorist Brigade carries out the following activities at the airport:

  • Screening process of passengers and cabin and hold luggage;
  • Screening process of crew members/ persons other than passengers and items carried by them;
  • Screening process of cargo and mail, in-flight supplies, airport supplies, air carrier mail and materials;
  • Screening process of vehicles cleared to enter security areas of an airport;
  • Necessary protection measures and fast response actions to thwart an attack launched in the public area in order to prevent it or mitigate its effects.

When conducting screening process, the rules apply uniformly to all passengers and there is no different/ preferential treatment.


For information about civil aviation security, you can access the following link: https://sri.ro/civil-aviation-security.