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Environmental Protection

In order to ensure environmental protection, Cluj „Avram Iancu” International Airport aims:

  • to comply with European and international regulations on environmental protection and to anticipate future requirements
  • to prevent and to limit the environmental impact of air traffic and airport activities by:

- evaluating and monitoring noise levels and taking measures to reduce noise pollution

- minimizing the emission of pollutants in the air, water and soil

- reducing the consumption of energy and of other natural resources

- preventing and mitigating risk from environmentally hazardous substances (deicing liquid, aircraft fuel, oils etc..)

- properly managing waste


  • to implement environmental policies at all levels by:

- communicating the results achieved through the application of environmental protection measures

- motivating employees so that they are aware of the impact of their activities on the environment and involving them in environmental protection


  • to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the competent authorities and citizens by:

- exchanging information

- strictly complying with standards

- being proactive to ensure environmental protection.