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Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport car parking is managed by GO TO PARKING L.L.C (S.R.L.) under a concession contract agreement from 2010.

For more information on parking charges or any other problem you have, please, contact GOTO PARKING company at the following phone numbers: 0264307500 (197 extension phone) or 0264307500 (366 extension phone).

Starting with 05.07.2010 the parking subscription, for the special arranged (designated) areas inside of the airport perimeter, are divided into categories, as follows:


A. Subscription:

  • Half Year: 1560 Ron/ 6 months
  • Annual: 2500 RON/ 12 months


B. Parking for passengers or their attendants:

  • 0' - 10' = 1 RON
  • 10' - 30' = 5 RON 
  • 30' - 60' = 7 RON 
  • 60' - 2h = 14 RON 
  • 2h - 5h = 26 RON
  • 5h - 24h = 45 RON 
  • 24h - 2 days = 95 RON 
  • 2 - 7 days = 165 RON 
  • 7- 8 days = 210 RON
  • 8 - 15 days = 320 RON   


  • The management and renting access card:

       110 RON.

  • The loss, default or damage of the ticket:

       330 RON

  • The loss of the magnetic card:

       220 RON.


One parking subscription entitles just one vehicle. The prices are including VAT.


Rules for using the parking:

  • To avoid some unpleasant situations, please, pay attention to the signs inside airport perimeter, to all posted informations and to all the instructions of security agents.
  • Do not enter the parking without the barcode ticket issued to opening the barrier.
  • If it has not issued the ticket immediately notify the operator.
  • Keep the barcode ticket for making the payment; you can leave only with the ticket paid.
  • To avoid the crowded exits, please, pay the parking costs before you leave. After the payment there is 10 minutes time available to leave the parking without any additional charges.
  • The charges and the penalties are posted at the cash payment, only in case that you aren’t follow the instructions. The quantum of all these charges is authorized by the airport management and is non-negotiable.
  • At the entrance pick up the ticket from the ticketing system on the left side, before the barrier.
  • If it has not issued the ticket access, please, ask for technical assistance at the operator.
  • Respect the distance between the vehicles, so as you avoid the access to the parking without the ticket.
  • You may leave the parking only with the ticket.
  • The customers have to return the ticket; if not, they will pay the penalties.
  • During the entire visit to Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport the driver has the obligation to keep and have the parking ticket without damage it.

Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport is relieved of any responsibility for:

  • The damages caused by failure signs or road markings inside of the airport area, or not following the security agent `s instructions.
  • The detriments caused by the barriers movements, in case you didn’t respect the distance between the vehicles.
  • Extending the using time of the parking because of delaying the landing and take-off hours.
  • Extending the duration of the waiting time at the cash payment during the rush hours.
  • Any immediate or later consequences, direct or indirect, or failure to observe regulations or no paying the parking taxes, or the displayed penalties.

The video-cameras are installed to supervise the streams; the video recording aren’t publicly available.

During using the parking the drivers should ensure their cars and personal assets, the parking taxes do not include the losses or damages or any security costs.